A few of years ago, I ran an ad on instagram and this lady contacted me and we started chatting. She wasn’t ready to buy at the time so I left the chat there on IG telling her to let me know when she was ready to place the order. About 2 months later I ran another ad and the same lady contacts me telling me that she already purchased the item somewhere else which she regretted because they were not as good. She said she wanted to buy from me but forgot about my page, she had not followed me or saved my post so she couldn’t locate me when she was ready to order and just went with what was she saw at the time.


This got me thinking that if I had kept in touch with her she would not have forgotten or lost my contact and would have ordered from us and would have been happy. This is when I understood the importance of building a list of clients and decided to start using my website to build a list of contacts to help me keep in touch with my clientele. This is one of the keys to building a winning brand.  It’s highly important to build a list and keep in touch with prospective clients and existing clients too.  Many times people who see your brand or ad are not ready to buy immediately, so you want to keep in touch with them so that when they are ready to buy you are on their minds and their 1st available choice to buy from. You also need to be able to reach your audience outside of social media to keep in touch more effectively. For one instagram limits your reach and only a small fraction of your followers see your post. Instagram is also not your own platform and anything can happen, the top brands understand this this is why they have their own domain name and website need where they can reach their audience independently and a build a list to keep in touch, this is why all the top brands have websites. 

I like to keep in touch with my clients to build good relationships with them. I like to see my clients not just as customers but as friends whom I can build a friendly business relationship with and provide long term. We don’t just build links we build relationships.

People like do business with who they know and have a relationship with. Do not forget about your existing clients who have patronized you, you should have a list with their contacts and keep in touch occasionally and be available for any after sale support. This helps increase repeat purchases. When you keep in touch with your clients, they can also refer you to their friends or family who may need your product or service. To keep in touch can ask the clients for their phone number or email, you can tell them this is to keep them up to date with any promo information. Your website can help you collect contact information and build a list on a large scale. You can direct people to visit your website and put in their contact information to receive sales and promotional information. We’ll still discuss further on how to use your website to build a list. Hope you see the importance of building a list and keeping in touch and you will start building your own list. You are welcome to contact me if you need help building a list.

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