The digital age we live in presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their brands and businesses. The age of the internet, smart phones & social media has given the average person access and tools to build an empire no matter where you are from. I have grown multiple brands and generated millions of naira in revenue online, learnt a lot in the process and here are my 6 keys to winning with your  brand.

1. Select a good product, with a good market to sell.

This is where it starts. What do you have to offer, you must have a product or service adds value to other people. Your product or service should solve a problem, fill a need or a want that people have. When you have a good product, people will be willing to exchange their money for your product or service. A good entrepreneur is one that looks out for the needs of people and provides solution.  Once you have a good product with a good market, you are already half way successful.

2. An attractive Value offer

The next key is your offer. This goes in hand with have a good product. You now need to present that product or service  in a way that will attract and captivate your audience telling them about your product or services and all the things in can do. That’s why brands pay millions of dollars to have attractive celebrities  stand in front of their products. You too can be a celebrity for your own product or service. We now have the creative tools at our disposal to present our products in a way that catches peoples attention whether it be through video or through graphics, website or pictures. You want to have people look at your brand and think it’s really cool. Of course we are assuming your product is of value which is key. If it’s just attractive of no value then it’s just a shinny object that cannot solve anyone’s problem or if it only looks good in picture but not in real life then in no time you will be called out. But having a good product is not enough, you need to package it very well.

3. Share your story

Your story helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Here you have the opportunity to connect with your prospect on an emotional level while pulling back the curtain for them to see a more personal side of you. This helps build a bond between you and your audience causing them to take a liking to you. Your story here could be your business story, how you started the business, what your driving force is and a bit of your background. Your ‘about page’ in your website is a good place to share your story.

4. Create your Logo, Website & theme

Once you are ready to proceed with your business the next thing is your logo, website and theme. This is the identity of your brand. When I started my online furniture company I registered the domain name and got the logo before I even registered the business officially. My website became the home of my business which is key because we didn’t have a showroom, so we needed to have a standard website if we wanted to be taken serious anywhere. I have not seen an established brand without a website so I knew it was critical if we wanted to be viewed as a legitimate business.  I slapped my logo on picture or video we put out and was consistent with it till it registered in the minds of my audience. I did this because anytime I think of many of the big brands, it’s their logo that comes to mind so I too wanted to have my logo on the minds of my audience.

5. Grow your community/list

This is key to ensure the growth and longevity of your business. As a business you should have an an audience of clients that you communicate with consistently. Here you share your brand’s content and message and maintain a relationship with your audience so they remember you.  This could be an email list, or a phone list or through social media, Instagram Facebook. I find the most effective means of communicating with your audience is through, emails or text/whats app message. With Instagram or Facebook, only a fraction of your followers see your organic posts, unless you pay for ads. That’s why you want to have a database of emails and phone numbers where you can send messages to your audience without any extra cost. A website can help you build a list of emails and phone numbers when you have email sign ups, or when people buy stuff on your site they put in their information and it enters your database. Also creating free products, it could be an ebook, where people would put in their email and phone number to download. You now have their contacts to reach them continuously.

6. Deliver what you promise

At the end of the day this is what matters. This is what differentiates winners from losers. Losers only talk, Winners talk and do, they deliver what they promise. This is how you ensure a loyal customer and referrals when your product is as good as you say it is and you deliver a pleasant experience. This makes you stand out as a brand because most brands do not live up to the hype, heir products are not as good and they deliver a poor customer service. When you deliver what you promise, your brand stands out immediately because it is actually rare in the Nigerian market today. Delivering what you promise is also about promising what you can deliver and working twice as hard to make sure you don’t fail.